Different type of ports in a Computer

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A computer system comes embraced with various inputs and outputs that make it work along with various devices. Even though there are various shapes and sizes available in ports, the primary role revolves around share of information. Ports are categorized in terms of process, function and connectivity. In the following set of statements, we will identify different type of ports.

The basic classification of ports:-

1) Serial ports: The inception of computers happened with serial ports, the port is often termed as male ports. The serial port is composed of 9 to 24 pins. Serial ports have the capacity to transfer data in the range of eighteen feet.

2) Parallel ports: Parallel port is widely referred as female port in the world of computers. Parallel ports have always been discovered to be faster. It is composed of 25 holes. With the capacity to transfer 8 bits per second, it is widely in use.

3) SCSI ports: Small computer system interface port is the port that helps in connectivity of additional systems to the computer. It could connect to eight devices.

4) MIDI ports: Musical instrument data interface is broadly used to connect different musical instruments to the system. A wide variety of musical instrument can be connected from MIDI port on the system.

  1. PS/2 port

PS/2 port is the inlet to a computer to which mouse and keyboards are connected. They are serial ports to which transfer of information takes place. The older version of system have PS/2 ports for sure however the newer version of computer systems come up with USB keyboard or mouse. There are even operating systems that come up with wireless connectivity.

  1. VGA port

The video graphics array port is the port that transfers images and information from the system tower to the monitor. Ideally motherboard is mounted with video card. To make the video card communicate and bring output on the monitor, VGA port is available at the back of the system. The VGA port is a serial port that communicates with the system using fifteen pins.

  1. USB port

USB stands for Universal serial bus that makes multiple devices to communicate with the system at the same time. There are plenty of devices that communicate with the system using the USB port like camera, scanner, printer and others. With the dire inclination of users towards gaming consoles, the consoles today are equipped with USB ports to offer easy and simple connectivity and data transfer.

  1. Ethernet port

Ethernet port is widely used as a network port, it helps in making the system a part of the network. The range of transfer of speed is between 10 to 1000 megabits per second.

  1. DVI port

DVI port is the digital video interface port that offers advanced and enhanced quality of video output. The newer versions of computer systems are loaded with video cards and DVI ports.

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Different type of ports in a Computer

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